10 Watts Solar Water Pump Kit Battery Version Continuous On

10 Watts Solar Water Pump Kit Battery Version Continuous On

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Water fountains make you feel so calm after a long day. There is just something about staring at falling water that relaxes us. This solar powered water pump will make adding a water fountain to your yard or garden very easy. In the past you would have had to dig a trench to put the electric wires in to run the pump. With our solar water fountain pump you just have to find a sunny spot in the yard to put the panel and that solar panel will send power to the pump and to the batteries so the water fountain can run at night.

This solar powered water pump is designed for fountains, ponds or other outdoor use. has the ability to work during the night. With the battery pack attached, a full charge during the day can provide up to an additional 4 hours of operation. This solar powered pump also comes with a manual on/off switch.


No Wiring.
Powered by the sun.
Fast & easy install.
Energy, electrical saving.
Corrosion resistant.
CE certified.
Solar Pump electricord length 16ft (192"),
Solar Pump Water Flow size 0.5" diameter,
Cable Lenght: Solar Panel to Control Unit 6Ft
Lead Acid 6V-4AH rechargeable batteries.
Solar Panel Dimension: 14x11.5.
Operation Pump Voltage 12V-20V.
Soalr Module 10W.
Water Lift Max 2M.
Water Flow Max 211 Gallons Hour 800L/H.
LED light (voltage) DC12V.
Disclosure: All solar products are not to be used with non-rechargeable batteries. Doing so may cause unrepairable damage to the unit.