ASC 5 Watts Solar Water Pump Kit Daytime Version - Open Box

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This solar pump is designed with an LED fountain light to automatically illuminate the water spray of your fountain or pond. This solar-powered pump saves money and energy and can be used in the day or at night for two hours. With a remote zapper, control your pump with a touch of a button. 


8 Watt/16 Watt Solar Water Pump With Timer Control and Remote. 
Water solar pump is designed for fountain, pond, or outdoor use. 
Powered by solar: save money and energy. 
Water rate is adjusted by a variable speed valve. 
Pump can be used either in daytime or at night with remote control. 
Operate day or night with water valve anytime for two hours. 
Water flow function that can be adjusted to four levels of water flow to fit different size fountain needs. 
Two-hour timer function without sunlight on battery. 
Remote control distance: 10 m/33 FT 

16 Watt Solar Water Pump Kit with Remote Content: 

2 x 14.2'' x 9.45'' Solar Panel with 16.5-foot cable. 
1 x 12-24V Submersible Pump with 16.5-foot cable. 
1 x Battery Control System. 
1 x 5-LED Fountain Light. 
1 x Remote Control. 
2 x Fountain Head. 
3 x Inter-Connect-Table Tube. 
2 x Solar Panel Support Spike. 

Note: Battery Control Box is water resistant, but please place the box in a higher location ensuring its protection. Batteries not included.

Condition: Open Box