Mermaid Pond Solar Water Fountain

Mermaid Pond Solar Water Fountain

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The low voltage Granite Oval Aqua Stone fountain runs off of solar power and recycles that same water. This allows you to drastically cut costs on your electric and water bills. You can place this fountain near your patio furniture so that you and your guests can enjoy the soothing sound of the trickling water as you enjoy each others company.


Low voltage water pump with filter recycles the same water.
Creates the sound of gentle running water
2.5 Watt solar pump
Water lift: 18"

Solar Water Pump Specifications:

Solar module: 2.5W
DC brushless pump operation voltage: DC 8V
Max Water lift: 20 inches<
Amperage: 162 MA
Solar panel dimensions: 7.5 inches long x 6 inches wide
Water flow capacity: 180 LPH


1 x Pump kit
1 x Fountain
1 x Manual